Overview of Marketing Strategy: UX Design and Custom Development

Overview of The Brand

CMX Hub is a growing community of professionals from all over the world. The community is comprised of all industries and levels of expertise, from novice to veteran professional. The CMX community is made up of enterprise brands, startups, nonprofits, associations, and every type of business in between.


The CMX network helps professional community builders thrive in their careers by providing them with world-class community programs, resources, and ongoing education.


The brand keeps its growing community strong and thriving by allowing each community member to create a custom profile in a secure, safe environment. Professionals can include their current and past positions, interests, industries, and expertise levels. Maintaining a secure format for this sensitive information is integral to the brand’s promise of security and trust for its community.

Design and Web Development Partnership with VisualFizz

CMX wanted to create a robust, secure WordPress brand site that allowed each user to securely create a profile and, depending on their membership levels, access varying amounts of resources and content. It was integral that the CMX Hub brand website conveyed a professional, buttoned-up tone and provided excellent User Experience to the brand’s vast community of professionals. 


The goal of the UX design was to encourage new members or site visitors to subscribe or upgrade to a Pro Membership, which granted the user access to CMX Hub’s expansive library of resources, mentors, and more. 




A Custom-Tailored Solution

VisualFizz created a variety of design documents and layouts to serve the needs of CMX Hub. First, we began with a brand guide that acted as a guide for each area of the design process – from iteration to completion.

After the design process was complete, our team of web developers got to work on building the branded WordPress site. A User Experience that encourages conversion was paramount in both the development and the design process. VisualFizz set its goals on conversion rate optimization and creating buying funnels for CMX Pro membership through the development process.

CMX Hub’s unique knowledge base and offerings required a robust library-style build out to support the brand’s professional community. CMX Hub required compatibility for a variety of content types, including: 

  • Summit Information
  • Signups and Lead Forms
  • Tickets and Ticket Purchasing
  • Training and Education
  • Job Boards and Openings
  • Informational Articles & Blog Posts
  • Educational Series & Videos

Building A Complete Content Marketing Strategy

The VisualFizz team wanted to ensure that once a user finds CMX Hub, that user was able to quickly and easily navigate through everything the brand has to offer. Functionality and the overall UX of the site were of high importance during development.


It was critical that updates and changes were easy to make after launch. It was also critical that a strong SEO foundation was laid for CMX Hub to maintain its current SEO rankings and initial SEO steps were taken to start CMX Hub out with strong SEO health.


The VisualFizz Team optimized the WordPress website for functionality, speed, UX, and SEO.

The Result?

As a result of the partnership with VisualFizz, CMX Hub’s branded website was cleanly designed, fully functional, and allowed the CMX professional community to stay informed, educated, and active as professionals. The site encouraged users to upgrade to the Pro subscription to stay informed and knowledgable about their industries and careers. 

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